Our buildings

Live in the city

We are building living environments for the contemporary urbanite. Our well-heeled audience will seek residences in the world’s great cities, or else they’ll live in pristine natural environments – close to the ocean, in the mountains – where key quality of life determinators are omnipresent.


In good company

Loneliness kills more people than smoking and drink driving combined, a recent study revealed, and ranks as the biggest fear of people aged 70 and older. That’s why we’re building spaces that foster communal experiences. It’s about quality time spent together.


Audience beyond age demographic

THE EMBASSIES OF GOOD LIVING are places for interaction. We call them EMBASSIES of the good life. It’s where visitors, guests and neighbours become good friends. We don’t believe in age segmentations. We want to bring people together – old and young – by building bridges and sparking conversations. As our community grows, we’ll leverage our members’ entrepreneurial, cultural and political minds to ensure social inclusion, and we’ll nurture our members’ viewpoints, knowledge and skills, making them available to younger demographics. Above all, we hope to foster a culture of belonging.


Feeling at home

The residences are beautifully designed with maximum privacy in sophisticated, contemporary spaces. We design spaces that reflect our values, that encourage interaction and create a sense of belonging and grounding, so our ambassadors feel at home.



The residences will offer spectacular architecture with maximum privacy in sophisticated, contemporary spaces. THE EMBASSIES is a premium real estate offering that provides fully adaptive living environments. It caters to all needs: single households, spaces for couples co-living. Once you move to the EMBASSIES, we hope you’ll never have to move again. Every apartment contains flexible architecture, ensuring each can be amended to reflect its tenants’ lifestyle and personal preferences.


On-demand services

At the EMBASSIES, we address the changing demands of tenants with a suite of on-demand amenities and services. While basics such as concierge, housekeeping, cleaning and laundry are part of our standard package, on-demand services to do with assistance, mobility and health will address the changing needs of our tenants over extended periods of time. We have a mantra: always available, never intrusive. We facilitate self-actualised living.



We will do everything to facilitate an active and engaged life. Our residents are encouraged to join our health programme, and individual programmes will be developed around a member’s medical preferences and history. Regular check-ups and monitoring – we will offer 24/7 care in-house – and the introduction of our digital platform, will help ensure a positive, engaged life. Our digital platform will allow our members to make educated decisions about their health and wellbeing, and when required we will involve all relevant stakeholders, including family members and peers. We will ensure that ambassadors are able to stay as long as possible with us by partnering with local care providers and hospitals when necessary.

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